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Applications by Industry

Our force and torque measurement solutions are spread across many industries. Solutions are based on the state-of-the-art strain gauge technology and provide a customized solution to the end user.
Force and torque sensors are used in various applications in the medical industry. They are used for fluid monitoring applications, dialysis machines, endoscopic surgery, physical therapy equipment, orthopedics and MRI devices.

Below are few key points on when choosing a force or torque sensor for your medical applications:

  1. Durability: Force sensors should be able to withstand the strains that they could possibly be exposed to, and even outside the expected range with a clear safety margin.  
  2. Environment: The environment in which the force sensor will be used is an important consideration. For example, if the sensor is exposed to liquids, it should be waterproof. 
  3. Form Factor: The size and shape of the force sensor should be appropriate for the application. For example, if the sensor is used in a small device, it should be compact. 
  4. Repeatability: The force or torque sensor should be able to provide consistent and repeatable measurements for your medical applications.  
  5. Sensitivity: The force or torque sensor should be sensitive to detect and translate the measurement to the end-user required format of data.  
SGSENSE is current have range of off-the-shelve products, but we can provide an agile solution to meet the customer requirement beyond the current solutions in the market.
Force and torque sensors are used in a variety of automotive applications in endurance testing, validation, verification and qualification as such as:
  • Shock Force Measurement 
  • Suspension Force Measurement 
  • Gasket Force Monitoring 
  • Head Bolt Force and Preload 
  • Spring Loads 
  • Brake Sensing and Force Measurement 
  • Motor Mounts 
  • Production Line Feedback 
  • Impact Testing 
In SGSENSE, we are capable of providing a total force or torque measurement system for the customer requirement.
Many of the industry applications are involved with measurement and control applications. Force sensors are used to control a certain force or operation to ensure a desired force is achieved either by direct monitoring or integrated into a complete feedback automated system. Also, force sensors support the safety mechanisms of the existing system by monitoring the overload conditions to alert back the system immediately. Below are some of the use cases SGSENSE can help the industry applications:
  • Crane Measuring Systems (with wireless telemetry network). 
  • Bin Weighing 
  • Injection Molding Forces 
  • Jacking Loads 
  • Scales 
  • Fatigue Analysis 
  • Preload monitoring 
  • Safe Load monitoring systems 
  • Conveyer belts 
  • Elevator force measurement 
Force and torque sensors are used in various applications in the agriculture equipment. This is to monitor the equipment is functioning optimally and to prevent any damage to the equipment. SGSENSE can provide Load Cells, Wheel Force Transducers (WFT), Wheel Torque Transducers (WTT) for heavy duty agricultural and construction vehicles. Load cells can be in miniature to heavy duty depending on the application. Based on the requirement, SGSENSE can provide custom measurement to provide a total solution even using a wireless telemetry network such as LoRa communication in long distance.
Our manufacturing facility can facilitate the highest quality required for Aerospace and Space applications. SGSENSE are capable of providing Load Cells, Load Pins, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Feedback systems for Aerospace industry in an AS9100 Rev D certified environment.

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